18 June 2014

Something a little different …

On Wednesday, 18 June, we will be handing over the whole evening to the Coventry Singer Songwriters Group.  No hosts performance, and no floor singers required.  They have more than enough talent to fill the evening without us.

You can look forward to an evening’s super entertainment filled with the sound of artists singing their own compositions.  Who better?

Coventry Singer Songwriters

Coventry Singer SongwritersThe Coventry singer songwriters group is based in and around Coventry.

The group began in February 2010 when some like-minded musicians got together to give each other the inspiration and motivation to write a new song each month, based upon a set theme.

They meet at a house (or a pub) one night a month, and perform their songs to each other. At the end of the night they vote on a new theme for the following month – it’s as simple as that.

Not everyone attends the group’s meetings; some song writers email their songs through as an MP3 to the web site.  You don’t have to even live locally – they have occasional members based throughout the world.

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