19 July 2017

Kevin Dempsey

kevin_dempsey_2Kevin Dempsey has music in his soul. His multi-facetted career is testament to his talent as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and record producer. His uniquely wide range of professional experience in both the UK and the USA provides the bedrock for his unique range of skills.

Kev is not only a talented solo performer but also an ensemble player of outstanding ability. He is sought out by many other musicians who enjoy not only his company but also know that his craftsmanship will always seek the most sensitive chord, the perfect arrangement, the ultimate lyrical sound or sheer driving rhythm, all to blend seamlessly into great pieces of music.

Alongside his performance commitments Kevin has always produced music, his own and for other artists. He completed ‘Straws in the Wind,’ the most recent album from Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick.

Kev teaches workshops for guitar as well as ensemble playing (which can include song) and has rave notices from pupils. Kev also entered the world of academia in 2011 when he did a very popular teaching day for the folk studies degree at  the University of Newcastle. He continues to do summer schools in France and at Somerset’s famous Halsway Manor.


Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

pete_mcparland_150Pete McParland

Pete performs regularly, and with acclaim, at numerous folk clubs in the Midlands.  Songs from the 60s and 70s are his forte, but he wanders into other areas, too, with great success.

d_parr_150David Parr

David has been playing guitar for more years than he cares to remember. He was a full-time professional for 14 years or so. Now, after a brief interruption when he taught in special needs, primary and then secondary schools in Warwickshire, he’s back doing the ‘real’ job.

Renowned for his style and expertise, David is also well known for his comedic songs.

brian_phillips_150Brian Phillips

A regular performer on the folk music scene in the Midlands and the West Country, he gives all he has, whether it be a floor spot at a club night, or as the principal artist on the main stage at a festival.

And your hosts, of course, are

fitj_150Finger In The Jar

Formed especially as the host group for Atherstone Folk Club in June 2013, Finger In The Jar are Anne & Steve Beeson and Phil Benson.

Finger In The Jar perform as a group, as duos and as solo artists, depending on the songs being sung.

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