20 July 2016



Put together three talented & creative musicians – one from a classical background, one from a folk background, and one from a jazz and blues background, and you would expect to get something a bit special.  (When it happens, the members of Scarecrow will be at the front of the queue to book tickets to see the first gig!)

David is the natural leader of the band and has all the characteristics needed for the job – he’s got a car that the PA fits in, and he’s bigger than the other two. He is probably one of the best whistle players in the area – if you get a chance to chat with him during the evening, he will be happy to confirm this.  He also plays flute, bagpipes, bodhran and other percussion.  David brings the folk influence to the band, which means “let’s go to the fourth bar” has a slightly different meaning to him.

Rey is the theorist of the band.  He plays bass guitar and flute, sings, talks about flattened fifths and mixolydian minors, and reprimands the other members of the band during practices. He brings a classical influence to the band, or in other words, he doesn’t use his thumb when he plays the guitar. Rey has an uncanny ability to detect when a note is even slightly sharp or flat. His cat has an even more uncanny ability to be able to get out of the house before the end of the second bar of any tune.

Gordon is the guitarist and brings the jazz/blues side to the band, which means he does use his thumb when he’s playing the guitar, and can claim that any mistake he makes is actually an obscure jazz chord. He’s been playing the guitar since a string broke on his bass and he couldn’t work out how to replace it. Having been a bass guitarist for many years, he is very sensitive about tempos, and strongly believes that if a song speeds up or slows down, it is always somebody else’s fault.


Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

pete_mcparland_150Pete McParland

Pete performs regularly, and with acclaim, at numerous folk clubs in the Midlands.  Songs from the 60s and 70s are his forte, but he wanders into other areas, too, with great success.

steve_bentley_150Steve Bentley

Frontman of Greenman Rising, and main organiser of the Ragged Bear Festival, Steve is a vocalist and bodhran player respected for his ability to put across an old tune with a new slant.

andrew_wigglesworth_150Andrew Wigglesworth

Andrew, amongst other things, plays melodeon and whistle in a way that stops you in your tracks and insists you listen.  A member of Greenman Rising, his sound can be heard all over the country, and is always in demand.

dave_fry_150Dave Fry

Dave started by playing a Chad Valley tin banjo, when he was 10 years old, till he blistered his thumb and he was hooked! He bought his first home-made guitar at twelve. He played in beat groups in Cumbria in the swinging 60s, then found folk at 17. He fell in love with twelve-string guitar at 18 and has been playing one ever since.

malc_gurnham_150Malc Gurnham

Malc is an excellent singer, plays quite a variety of instruments (most of them with strings!) and is a highly regarded solo performer. He also can be found running singarounds and acting as an MC at many festivals throughout the country.

As well as performing, Malc promotes many folk events, including the jewel in the crown, Bedworth Folk Festival.

ian_bland_150Ian Bland

Ian Bland is a Melbourne based singer songwriter.  His music blends a lifetime of musical influences including country, celtic, and folk with insightful stories drawn from contemporary rural and urban Australia, topics as diverse as drought, lawyers and the demise of suburban pubs.


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