20 September 2017

Geoff Higginbottom

geoff_higginbottomDuring his early career, Geoff, now from Manchester, played the circuit of folk clubs and pubs in his native northwest. In August 1985, he was placed third in a competition at the Warwick Folk Festival. In the November of the same year, he released Songs From The Levenshulme Triangle. The following year, he performed at the Sidmouth Folk Festival, and was subsequently re-booked for 1987 and 1988. This gave Higginbottom a wider profile, and brought club and festival bookings all over England.

He has since ventured further afield, playing Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands. In addition to his musical career, Higginbottom has also made numerous appearances on UK television in bit parts, turning up in such soaps as Coronation Street, Brookside and Emmerdale, as well as a number of other productions.

Flowers Tomorrow received a good response and brought Higginbottom to wider attention. The title track has been sung by a number of other performers, and the album as a whole mixed contemporary and traditional styles, with his guitar and bodhrán to the fore. More Than Pounds And Pence, released in December 1990 has helped to establish Higginbottom as a highly-regarded performer and writer.facebook

Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

John B Smith

John’s photographic skills have made him a welcome sight at many a club and festival.

His poetic skills are what we seek from him in his guise as a performer, however, and he will not fail to entertain.

john_meechan_150John Meechan

John has been on the folk scene for 40-odd years.  Hailing from Yorkshire, many of his songs are rooted there.

His passion for folk songs has resulted in a wide-ranging repertoire, always particularly well-presented.

elaine_meechan_150Elaine Meechan

Elaine, keyboard and accordion player in many an ensemble, has that rare talent that true musicians possess; the ability to empathise with those she performs with.  She is an important part of a number of folk-related bands in the area.

Fraser and Toots

Fraser (Guitar, Vocal, and StompBox) & Toots (Accordion) play foot-tapping, finger-snapping, cat-swinging, scat-singing, bunny hugging songs from the 2O’s, 30’s and 40’s (think Fats Waller, Louis Jordan & friends), together with a huge repertoire of their own songs, acoustic folk, and jazzy ragtime blues.

Steve Adams

1967-69 – (Cardiff)  lead vocalist and organist in the rock and soul band “Stopwatch”. Residency at the Stork Club, Tiger Bay.
1977 – won first prize in the Melody Maker’s National Rock/Folk Contest.
1992-3 (Tamworth) Keyboard player and programmer in the hi-tec duo “The Heat” with David Fitzgerald.
1998 Rediscovered the guitar and began performing on the Midlands folk scene.
Thereafter released a number of CDs.  Busy playing music the rest of the time.

And your hosts, of course, are

fitj_150Finger In The Jar

Formed especially as the host group for Atherstone Folk Club in June 2013, Finger In The Jar are Anne & Steve Beeson and Phil Benson.

Finger In The Jar perform as a group, as duos and as solo artists, depending on the songs being sung.

Saturday, 30 September 2017


Clarkesville Mountain Band

OSCA Centre, Owen Street, Atherstone CV9 1DG

7:30pm start – Bring your own drinks and food. Toe-tapping encouraged!

Tickets £8.00

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