22 June 2017

Yes!  THURSDAY, 22 June

Anker Morris and friends will be in action at The Rose Inn on Wednesday, 21 June, so we have moved our night


Out of the far corners of Warwickshire came Daisybell, a songwriter from the north, a harmony specialist from the south and a multi-instrumentalist from the east.  They share a love of traditional folk music, home cooked food and Joe Browns fashion.

Since their first rehearsal in February 2016, Daisybell have headlined at folk clubs in Nuneaton, Atherstone, Bedworth and Warwick as well as venturing to the wilds of Leicestershire and Oxfordshire.

The original songs, traditional arrangements and occasional quirky covers are performed by Katherine Fear on stringy things, Ginny White on tappy stuff and Anya Fay on tooty tunes.

Their well-earned reputation as is growing rapidly, and you should not miss any opportunity to see them.

Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

Dave and Julia Taylor

Dave first started writing songs in the early 1970s and was influenced by the writing of Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Roy Harper and Jeremy Taylor.

Julia has always loved folk clubs but did not sing in public until she had passed her 50th birthday, but is now regarded as a fine singer, whose voice has gained a lot of depth over the last 10 years with experience – she also plays English concertina.

john_meechan_150John Meechan

John has been on the folk scene for 40-odd years.  Hailing from Yorkshire, many of his songs are rooted there.

His passion for folk songs has resulted in a wide-ranging repertoire, always particularly well-presented.

elaine_meechan_150Elaine Meechan

Elaine, keyboard and accordion player in many an ensemble, has that rare talent that true musicians possess; the ability to empathise with those she performs with.  She is an important part of a number of folk-related bands in the area.


Formed in November 2014, they are Flossy McDougall, Geoff Veasey and John Kearney.  Flossy sang and recorded previously in Pennyroyal along with Linda Dickson and Sue Dixon.  Geoff sang and recorded previously with Black Parrot Seaside. John is a respected singer/songwriter originally from Cork, with a previous background in pretty well everything from Punk to Country. Flossy plays a bit of guitar and John plays rather a lot. All three like colourful stage clothes.

Maria Barham

As a solo artist, after many years of playing a wide repertoire of covers up and down the country, in bars, pubs, restaurants etc (which she still does), Maria has decided to concentrate more on writing and performing her own songs again. She is just as comfortable playing in a noisy bar as she is a quiet Folk club, where she’ll happily perform her own and Traditional folk songs.

And your hosts, of course, are

fitj_150Finger In The Jar

Formed especially as the host group for Atherstone Folk Club in June 2013, Finger In The Jar are Anne & Steve Beeson and Phil Benson.

Finger In The Jar perform as a group, as duos and as solo artists, depending on the songs being sung.

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