Audrey Auld

Devils are not the only thing to come from Tasmania.  Audrey Auld’s heart is in Country, Folk and Americana music with a presence as big as The Outback.  A fearless entertainer, an honest and witty writer, Audrey is never afraid to venture into the dark places of life and shine a humorous light upon them.  Her songs are heard on the Grand Ole Opry, recorded by Nashville stars and descendents of the Carter Family, included in TV shows (‘Justified’, ‘The Good Guys’, ‘Longmire’) and played within the walls of San Quentin Prison where she hosts ongoing writing workshops. Audrey calls her style, “music with the dirt left on”.  Auld lives in East Nashville with her plumber husband, good dogs, wayward chickens and emancipated frogs, growing food, making jewelry, writing songs, recording and touring.

The only problem with Auld is trying to decide if she’s more remarkable as a singer or a songwriter, which isn’t the worst problem an artist can have.” ~ 3rd Coast Music, Texas

It’s one thing for singers to write beautifully and sing beautifully, but when they’re also funny, as in stand-up-comic funny, it makes going to their shows not only pleasurable but also memorable, well beyond the exit ramp headed back home.  How many times do you leave a concert and find yourself quoting lines the singer says in between the songs?  Such is the case with Tasmanian native Audrey Auld.” ~ Dallas Morning News, Texas

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