Damian Clarke


Dulcimer, Hurdy Gurdy & Celtic Harp

Damian is on a mission – namely to re-introduce the beautiful, ancient Dulcimer and the fascinating, medieval Hurdy Gurdy. Expect to see him at a venue or event near you, as he is determined to gain as much exposure for these instruments as he can. During 2013 he received many plaudits and support for his playing and audiences have been instantly won over wherever he has played. The Dulcimer, particularly, has a sound that is instantly enjoyed; ethereal, haunting, fluent and often compared to a harp. It can be heard here: www.damianclarke.co.uk/POD.html  He is one of the handful who sing and play on these instruments.

Damian’s latest solo CD album is called “Paths of Desire”. A collection of 12 songs, played mostly on the Hammer Dulcimer along with the Hurdy Gurdy and Celtic Harp. There are haunting instrumentals from Ireland, songs sung in minority languages such as Irish and Friesian and self-composed tone-poems that connect to his recent paintings.

  • “Paths of Desire” follows on from the successful “River Wherever” CD.
  • “Sparkling programme of refreshing’ wandering-minstrel’ takes on traditional songs (English, Breton, Plat Deutsch – all sung in the original language), interspersed with tunes… Damian’s come up with an inspiring and enjoyable collection.” FROOTS
  • “A charming musical miracle-bag “ FOLKER (Germany)
  • “hard to choose an outstanding track because they’re all good, Damian’s own compositions stand out.” NONSUCH CLUB MAGAZINE

Folk clubs & festivals played include: Village Pump FC, Chippenham FF, Bedworth FF, Sunray FC, Bath Literary Festival, Tenterden FF, Warwick FC, Leicester Guildhall, and many, many more.

Damian is also known for his performances with the rock-folk band, PRESSGANG which he founded in 1986. Since then he has toured in over 12 countries, made 9 albums, and played everywhere from television to theatres, from international folk festivals to street fairs.

He mostly performs traditional material, which he wants to appeal to a wider audience than the folk scene, especially for younger ears. He is a supporter of the movement to protect minority cultures, as he values variety. He sings small nation language songs such as Irish, Plat Deutsch, and Breton.

More information at   www.damianclarke.co.uk

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