Greenman Rising

Greenman Rising

Greenman Rising is a folk band based in the Midlands – Coventry, Nuneaton, Birmingham, Leicester.

This is music that doesn’t stand on ceremony; you won’t find cute arrangements and cool sophisticated posturing. ¬†What you will get is the hardcore tradition for modern audiences….

Driving dance tunes, songs about love, war, murder and betrayal. The soldier who rebels against an invasion and the sailor cheated when he comes on shore. Beautiful ballads and full-on musical madness that’ll get you dancing the night away.


  • Steve Bentley – vocals, bodhran
  • Andrew Wigglesworth – melodeons
  • Eddie Bentley – guitar
  • Scot Barlow – bass guitar
  • Rebecca Park- fiddle,bassoon,recorder
  • Kathryn Head – vocals, fiddle, flute


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