Paul Walker and Karen Pfeiffer

“They are still in existence, ‘lucky bags’, the discoveries of precious pearls in the music scene.”  Bietigheimer Zeitung

With their unique onstage-chemistry and their often commented-on very special harmonies, the Anglo-German duo ‘Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer’ entertain and engage their audiences with acoustic originals and folk club favourites. Briefly, “Songs with groove and goose bumps guaranteed”, as a German newspaper put it recently.

In addition to their shows around the UK, Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer have established a significant reputation in Ireland and Germany where they tour annually. “The likeable, humorous style in which they treat their audience is also reflected in their own songs” – and sometimes the odd German folk song, or even a German ‘joke’, will find its way into the diversified evening of entertainment.

Sharing vocal duties, the “two exceptional musicians” perform “sometimes powerful with groove, sometimes poetically tender”.  Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer have their individual styles which combine beautifully and, together with their light-hearted banter, they provide a truly memorable experience. Karen one moment has the voice of an angel with her heart-wrenching ballads and then, as if from nowhere, comes a powerful and gritty vocal that leaves audiences mesmerised. She adds with alto recorder, tin whistle and percussive instruments to Paul’s admirable guitar playing.

This is their 5th year of performance together and in their luggage they proudly bring along their brand-new second album ‘Marble Town’.
(All quotes from concert reviews in Ludwigsburger Zeitung, Bietigheimer Zeitung, Besigheimer Zeitung)

“It seems that there is nothing that this duo cannot bring into fruition with their own unique style and passion.” Secret Sounds (website)

“WOW! Paul Walker & Karen Pfeiffer did not disappoint, they gave us 110%, keeping us entertained with wonderful songs and great harmonies. They left us calling for more, and well deserved the standing ovation they received at the end. Look forward to their next visit” Brewood Acoustic Music Club (Facebook page)

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