Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

John B Smith

John’s photographic skills have made him a welcome sight at many a club and festival.

His poetic skills are what we seek from him in his guise as a performer, however, and he will not fail to entertain.

john_meechan_150John Meechan

John has been on the folk scene for 40-odd years.  Hailing from Yorkshire, many of his songs are rooted there.

His passion for folk songs has resulted in a wide-ranging repertoire, always particularly well-presented.

elaine_meechan_150Elaine Meechan

Elaine, keyboard and accordion player in many an ensemble, has that rare talent that true musicians possess; the ability to empathise with those she performs with.  She is an important part of a number of folk-related bands in the area.

Fraser and Toots

Fraser (Guitar, Vocal, and StompBox) & Toots (Accordion) play foot-tapping, finger-snapping, cat-swinging, scat-singing, bunny hugging songs from the 2O’s, 30’s and 40’s (think Fats Waller, Louis Jordan & friends), together with a huge repertoire of their own songs, acoustic folk, and jazzy ragtime blues.

Steve Adams

1967-69 – (Cardiff)  lead vocalist and organist in the rock and soul band “Stopwatch”. Residency at the Stork Club, Tiger Bay.
1977 – won first prize in the Melody Maker’s National Rock/Folk Contest.
1992-3 (Tamworth) Keyboard player and programmer in the hi-tec duo “The Heat” with David Fitzgerald.
1998 Rediscovered the guitar and began performing on the Midlands folk scene.
Thereafter released a number of CDs.  Busy playing music the rest of the time.

And your hosts, of course, are

fitj_150Finger In The Jar

Formed especially as the host group for Atherstone Folk Club in June 2013, Finger In The Jar are Anne & Steve Beeson and Phil Benson.

Finger In The Jar perform as a group, as duos and as solo artists, depending on the songs being sung.

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