LocTup Together @ Atherstone Red Lion Hotel
Jun 15 @ 19:30 – 22:30

LocTup Together

Chris Lock and Ian Tupling first met 27 years ago and have been on one long musical adventure ever since.

Their musical career started by singing together casually in local folk clubs and they’ve not stopped singing since!

Interest in their vocal style and sense of fun resulted in appearances at numerous festivals throughout the UK from 1993 to the present day.

In 2003 they joined forces with two friends from the North East of England which saw the formation of the close harmony acapella group “Four ‘n’ Aft. The result of this union led to appearances at festivals throughout mainland Europe both as LocTup Together and as part of the larger group.

LocTup Together’s repertoire is quite varied and encompasses both traditional and contemporary songs, some self-penned and a few humorous ones thrown in for good measure, however, over the years they have developed a deep interest in and love of maritime songs in the broader sense, This has taken the form of mainly sea songs that tell stories, with the odd shanty thrown in.

It is this interest in maritime-themed songs that has taken them to festivals all over Europe.  They have performed in Poland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, the Channel Islands, Norway and the Åland Islands (Finland) plus festivals in the UK.

LocTup Together’s concert sets are delivered with powerful voices working in close harmony, sometimes with subtle guitar accompaniment. Although they take their music seriously their zany, self-deprecating, sense of humour is never far away. Their aim is always to make the audience feel as though they are in a friendly comfortable atmosphere.

With support on the night by

Stephen Boyer

Singer song-writer with a lot of listening miles on the clock.

Floor Singers booked to perform on the night …

wes_hall_150Wes Hall

A local favourite, Wes is a regular at all three north Warwickshire clubs, and Folk at The Lion sessions.

pete_mcparland_150Pete McParland

Pete performs regularly, and with acclaim, at numerous folk clubs in the Midlands. Songs from the 60s and 70s are his forte, but he wanders into other areas, too, with great success.

And your hosts, of course, are

Finger In The Jar

Formed especially as the host group for Atherstone Folk Club in June 2013, Finger In The Jar are Anne & Steve Beeson and Phil Benson.

Finger In The Jar perform as a group, as duos and as solo artists, depending on the songs being sung.


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