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Stanley Accrington @ Atherstone Red Lion Hotel
Dec 20 @ 19:30 – 22:30

Stanley Accrington

Stanley emerged from the dark days of the late 1970’s and has been terrorising the cultural world ever since.

He has written hundreds of songs in a range of styles on a vast rake of subjects. There are old-style songs on current happenings and modern style songs on ancient events. There are poems, pastiches, parodies, and possibly anything.

Apart from the silly and very silly material, Stanley has always been writing serious songs to confuse the situation further. He has performed hundreds of times at a wide range of events all over UK and occasionally beyond.

Stanley has been performing all over UK and occasionally beyond at a wide variety of locations and events. He always tries to be both relevant and entertaining. (The pigeon-hole to put this stuff in is “miscellaneous-ish”)

The photo:

Me:  Hi, Stan.  The photo on your website is small.  Got anything bigger?

Stan:  Will this one do? (It is a nice bus.)

Support by

Thrup’nny Bits

Thrup’nny Bits is a three voice unaccompanied harmony group singing traditional and contemporary folk songs with some Early Music and humourous songs for good measure. They like to feel their performances have light and shade.

The group evolved from the four part Ninepenny Marl after one of its members became unwell.

Gareth and Barbara Wyatt and Des Patalong come from Warwickshire and Coventry and are well known on the local folk scene having been in various line ups in the past, and Des is currently a member of “Sharp as Razors” – a shanty crew.

The group have had appearances at Bedworth Folk Festival and Folk Club, Warwick FC, Rowington FC, Harbury FC, Bromsgrove FCBrackley FC, Chipping Norton FC, Black Diamond FCBanbury FC, Shirley FC, Alcester FC and Warwick Folk Festival . They’ve also appeared at The Nursery Tavern in Coventry and at Kristy Gallagher’s session at The Royal Oak in Kenilworth.

As a result of an invitation by Folk 21, they appeared at the South East Regionsl event at Cecil Sharp House.

The group have completed their first CD available now and called “Here’s a Bumper”.


John Meechan

John has been on the folk scene for 40-odd years. Hailing from Yorkshire, many of his songs are rooted there.

His passion for folk songs has resulted in a wide-ranging repertoire, always particularly well-presented.

Elaine Meechan

Elaine, keyboard and accordion player in many an ensemble, has that rare talent that true musicians possess; the ability to empathise with those she performs with. She is an important part of a number of folk-related bands in the area.

Your residents are WatlingStreet

WatlingStreet are Anne Beeson, Phil Benson, and Pete McParland.

Separately, they have been singing for as long as they can remember, and together, on and off, since the mid 2010s.

They formed the new band in September 2023, in order to become the residents at Atherstone Folk Club.


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