Anna_HarrisJohn_HarrisDragonhead are a talented duo offering an eclectic mix of traditional & modern folk with a big slice of Cajun.

They use the word ‘eclectic’ without shame as their first recorded tracks were on a promotional compilation in association with other local artists and was indeed an eclectic mix of traditional, modern, unusual & new material.  Their aim was to promote a small group of artists ranging from old hands to new performers, from solo artists to groups which might be seen as if we are trying to be ‘all things to all men’ (& women) – this did however prove popular with a few local radio stations.

“Dragonhead – are an act capable of bringing a grin to the most jaded countenances & are worthy of an appearance on the main stage in future – difficult to categorise other than to give them a loose label of “good time music” & although they are capable of more serious things, they blister along incredibly effectively on Cajun numbers. “

The Living Tradition, Lichfield Festival of Folk (LF2 October 2014)

“October guests Dragonhead had everyone tapping their feet while they enjoyed a variety of songs and instruments being played.  Their music drives a song along, and with John’s clarity of voice and Anne’s nimble fingers on the melodeon it’s a great sound, much enjoyed by everyone.”

Jug of Punch Folk Club, Sutton Coldfield October 2014

“Opening act, Dragonhead, played many folk favourites, with Anne’s nimble Melodeon adding a dash of Zydeco & Cajun to the mix.

John’s spirited guitar playing & fine, clear voice were well matched to the surroundings.

Such songs as I’ll tell me ma, Fog on the Tyne were well received by the audience, Jake Thackray’s  & Steve Earl’s Galway girl showed a more driving sound, and paying respects to the Sea Shanty singing tradition, South Australia helped to raise the roof, whilst the Cajun strains of Down on the Bayou were a suitable endin to the set.”

L2F Festival of Folk, Guildhall, Lichfield Mercury 22nd October 2015



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