maria_barham_2Maria Barham

Maria often refers to herself as ‘the slowest songwriter on the planet!’

As a solo artist, after many years of playing a wide repertoire of covers up and down the country, in bars, pubs, restaurants etc (which she still does), Maria has decided to concentrate more on writing and performing her own songs again. She is just as comfortable playing in a noisy bar as she is a quiet Folk club, where she’ll happily perform her own and Tradional folk songs. She will change her material to suit the location, situation, or event with the odd surprise thrown in, depending on how the evening is going!!

In her previous life on the folk scene, she supported such artists as Martin Simpson and Dick Gaughan.

Maria isn’t a multi-instrumentalist; she just dabbles with various instruments and uses them when needed for recording purposes. That is why, if you see her live and solo, it will be just her and her guitar.

She can also, of course, be found performing with excellent singer/songwriter Carole Palmer.

Maria has 2 Albums available: ‘Like Home’ and ‘Take the Tide’.

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